Q. I am not disabled. Can I still receive a home visit?

A. You do not have to be disabled to qualify for a primary care home visit. However, you have to be homebound. Being able to drive to a physician’s office or walk to the bus/public transportation may disqualify you from our services.

Q. How frequently do our doctors make home visits?

A. Patients receive visits as frequently as their visiting provider deems medically necessary.

Q. Will America’s Disabled Physician Home Visits accept Medicare or my private insurance company?

A. Yes, we work with both Medicare and most private insurance companies, excluding HMOs.

Q. What if I need to be hospitalized?

A. Our goal is to keep you from being in a hospital or nursing home. Of course, should hospitalization be required, Physician Home Visits will refer you to a hospital and/or doctor of your choice. By using our services, we believe we will be able to keep many patients in their homes and out of the hospital.
We also ask that you contact us as soon as know when you are going to be hospitalized. This is VERY important because we would like to get a provider out to see you as soon as you are discharged so that they can address any changes in medication and other healthcare needs or concerns.

Q. Getting to the pharmacy is a taxing effort so can I get a year's worth of refills?

A. Unfortunately we cannot give you a years worth of refills. Physician's give you a limited number of refills because some medications need to be monitored to make sure they are not affecting your kidney or liver. Medication can lose its effectiveness after continued use and you can develop life threatening conditions.